Container image for our pre-commit hooks
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Dockerfile Renovate: Update python:3.12.4-alpine3.20 Docker digest to 0bd77ae 2024-07-11 07:16:02 +00:00 Add package version script 2024-06-25 16:18:57 +02:00 Add package version script 2024-06-25 16:18:57 +02:00
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verdigado pre-commit container

A container image to include all dependencies (and a warmed up cache) used in our pre-commit hooks/CI steps to speed up execution.

If you see any pre-commit CI jobs installing dependencies:

  • Make sure to execute pre-commit using this container
  • Add the hook to this repo's .pre-commit-config.yaml
  • Optionally install dependencies in the Dockerfile with the versions set up for Renovate


In your .woodpecker.yaml, adapt and add the following block:

      - SKIP=no-commit-to-branch # Ignore "don't commit to protected branch" check
      - pre-commit run --all-files

If renovate is set up for your repo, it'll add and update the pinned digest/hash of the image.


Generally you should have Docker or something alike installed.

If you need to copy files into the container, don't forget to add exclusions to the general exclude all in .dockerignore.

To update the base image (like 3.12.4-alpine3.20 to a newer Alpine version), manual work is still required, but supported by a little script. Renovate might not create a PR for newer image tags.

  1. In the Dockerfile, update the Alpine version for the image and the renovate comments (# renovate: datasource=repology depName=alpine_3_20/gcc versioning=loose).

    - FROM python:3-alpine3.19@sha256:00c0ffeeacab...
    + FROM python:3-alpine3.20 # You can omit the sha256 digest, the script prints it out
    # ...
    - # renovate: datasource=repology depName=alpine_3_19/build-base versioning=loose
    + # renovate: datasource=repology depName=alpine_3_20/build-base versioning=loose
    # ...
  2. Now run ./ It pulls the alpine image from the Dockerfile, prints it's digest and the latest packages it could find via apk inside that container and prints out the names and versions.

    Example output of ./ for a new image, which is not yet pulled:

    Unable to find image 'python:3.12.3-alpine3.18' locally
    3.12.3-alpine3.18: Pulling from library/python
    619be1103602: Pull complete
    0eb61f1af52e: Pull complete
    Digest: sha256:24680ddf8422899b24756d62b31eb5de782fbb42e9c2bb1c70f1f55fcf891721
    Status: Downloaded newer image for python:3.12.3-alpine3.18
      [Script output starts here]
    Checking 5/5 latest package versions on python:3.12.3-alpine3.18
    Image digest found: sha256:24680ddf8422899b24756d62b31eb5de782fbb42e9c2bb1c70f1f55fcf891721
  3. Copy the package versions and update the respective ENV with it manually in the Dockerfile. You also might add the digest to the base image.

  4. Test building the image and you can commit it.